Kate Roach

How to Cope with Change
Finding Balance and Recovery 

Take action to improve how you feel.​​

make CHANGE with 
Kate Roach, MA.PSYCH.,​​
Registered Clinical Counsellor

Learn how to make good transitions

However much we may seek stability, life is a series of interconnected transitions. Sometimes we face complex changes that seem unworkable and challenges that appear impossible. Learning how to deal with the on-going changes of our lives promotes personal growth and deepens our sense of purpose and fulfillment.
With tools and support from CWC you can navigate these changes and establish a sense of safety and stability with a deeper, even more fulfilling sense of personal wholeness. Together, we can activate the internal resources that will help you to move forward with confidence.
You will know when this therapy is successful. You will recognize that you have weathered the storm. You will experience a sense of achievement that comes with working out the unworkable. You will emerge with a fresh new vision, feeling secure in approaching the next phase of your life.

Create a future you want to embrace
The problems we have with the changes happening in our lives are sometimes associated with unresolved emotional wounds, traumas that occurred days, months, or even years ago. These events leave traces in our present lives that can be identified and resolved. In the safe, supportive environment of CWC, you will be guided toward a healthy, actionable resolution.
When past traumas are resolved in a healthy manner, you will feel freer, more authentic, more able to experience your emotions and better equipped to design and live the future you want. As the stresses of life become more manageable, life becomes a future you want to embrace.
That is the ultimate goal.
Use CWC therapy techniques to move through difficult changes,
be comfortable in your own skin and get where you want to go.
And yes, we can help you figure out where that is.

Kate Roach, MA.PSYCH.,​​

Registered Professional Counsellor
Graduate of Vancouver College of Counsellor Training
Member of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association
MA in Psychology
Completed a variety of courses in gestalt therapy
Leader and keen observer of groups for 30 years
Counseling of individuals and couples for decades
Constantly pursuing greater understanding of human behavior and motivations

A compassionate person with deep life experience, Kate Roach is a dedicated and energetic psychotherapist who treats a variety of concerns while specializing in helping people who are in transition; people who need to let go of one way and find another. She is driven by an insatiable curiosity about the human condition and a tremendous desire to see people come through the most challenging times in their lives. Kate has extensive experience helping people of diverse age groups, life stages, and cultures.
Kate's initial approach is talk therapy which is often the most effective approach. However, Kate also employs a multi-modal approach as needed, ensuring highly impactful results by utilizing best practices techniques from diverse approaches.